Friday, April 23, 2010

Lat N 36 42 / W 002 48

Now we are in Puerto Deportivo Almerimar. A soulless place on the Costa del Sol. We've been treated well and here is space. When we got in last night, we got help with the mooring. It was the last gale we will be sailing in for a while and it tore in properly when we rounded the piers. This morning, we have cleared up, arranged to get lifted out of the water on Wednesday and then we are packing our bags, to leave the boat for a period.

There is much that has become worn - now even the camera cable is getting verdigris. The trip has worn more on the boat and equipment than on the crew. We get home, rested and fresh, confident that everyone should take a similar voyage in life.

Anna Karin

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lat N 36 15 / long W 004 42

This is probably the last mid-day positioning blog-via-satellite on this
journey. After catching our breath in Gibraltar and cleaning the propeller,
we are on our way to a marina on the Costa del Sol, which we have received feedback from. We are estimated to arrive late tonight or in the night. We hope that there is room for Anastasia for some months, for now we begin to long for home.

Anna Karin

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Barber again

This time I went along to supervise. The result was splendid.

Tomorrow we sail for Spain.

Anna Karin

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A rock projecting out in the sea, that's all, the city is wedged in behind an old wall. The shops are targeted at tourists, cheap liquor, tobacco and chocolate. It is a mix of English, Spanish and Moorish style. The cars are crowding, if you want to get on you go by scooter. The town has expanded seawards, large landfills and lots of high-rise buildings. Most look empty. Despite this slight oddness, it is very pleasant here in Gibraltar.

Anna Karin

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Catch of the day

The water in the port of Gibraltar is very clear and inviting, and therefore in the morning Th pulled on the wetsuit and mask to check out what's up under the surface. After a minute he came up and said: - "I think I have found the solution to the problem". A diver team were working across the harbor to construct a new floating pier, we got one of the divers to help us, he carried on for one hour with his great diver's knife, and here is the harvest from around the propeller.

After this catch, we started our Yanmar, still moored, tried both forward and back and it sounded quite normal. Guess if we are happy.

Anna Karin

Friday, April 16, 2010

Marina Bay, Gibraltar

The night was a real setback, what should have been an easy end to a long voyage turned to sour looks, blues and nooo, motorpaj is not fun. But with some good phone numbers, a working telephone, and an English speaking country the problem was resolved quite well. We fought against the wind and tacked our way through the strait, where traffic is so heavy and arrived in the afternoon.
Now we are berthed in Marina Bay where there are repairers available. There will come a Trevor on Monday, so suddenly we have a great weekend for us to just sleep and check out Gibraltar.
We shall do some compilations, evaluations and reflections on why you make a long trip like this, what it gives and what it takes. But now we say CHEERS for a fantastic sailing we've done, from San Francisco to Gibraltar.

Anna Karin

Lat n35 56 / long W 005 36

Day 32
Everything was ready last night, we headed towards Gibraltar, got in the way
for a lot of fishermen - they thought, and started a pretty aggressive game
with us. We started the engine and got away from them. Continued by engine, then again
what must not happen did happen. The reversing gear broke. So now we
are tacking in the Gibraltar Strait, the ships swooshing past and we can
not use the engine. The Blues is on board, understandably. We
have contacted a Marina and the Port Authority and explained our situation,
so we will come to berth iallfall. Need Assistance .....

Anna Karin